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Investing The Way It Was Always Meant To Be.

Investing can be and often is a lonesome process. When you sign up for an investing app, you set your account preferences, search for companies you are interested in, and then buy or sell stock or some other securities all on your own conviction. There’s something pure about this, because the decisions you make contribute directly to your results, but there’s also something missing. Something more personal.

Here at Echo Investing, we believe that investing should be a social experience. Take, for instance, Seeking Alpha. On average, the company attracts nearly 15 million unique visitors every month, generating over 42 million visits per month. There, investors read quality content, interact with others, and more. At Echo, we have incorporated Seeking Alpha’s content into our platform, offering their free-to-read analysis for every stock in the US. But that’s only where our social efforts begin, not end.

Through hard work and perseverance, we are crafting a one-of-a-kind investing ecosystem that will offer investors new ways to interact, new ways to share and spread content that’s useful for them, and even give users the opportunity to directly (and cheaply) benefit from the wisdom of those who are more knowledgeable than they are. In time, we plan to launch Echo as its own self-trading platform, but for the time-being, we are launching a paper trading platform that will pay out to our best performers a substantial cash prize each and every week. For you, there is no catch, and there never will be. It is our pledge to provide you with the best social investing functionality at the lowest price possible while giving you a slew of tools, data, and valuable insight all at no cost to you.

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